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At Operation Honor Our Heroes, we recognize that time is the most valuable asset any one person has. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we need to. We are deeply appreciative for the volunteers who give their time to help us acheive our goals.


Without the help of gracious volunteers, we would not be able to carry out our mission. We would not be able to honor the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.

We're ready to welcome you to our team!


***We have an ongoing need for individuals proficient in Photoshop who can assist in the production of memorial cards honoring the fallen (as seen on our Facebook page and on this website).***


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunties

26 May

This year, we will be holding a large event in Washington, D.C., over Memorial Day weekend. We will be placing 10,000 flags representing our fallen service members and first responders with personalized memorial cards attached to many of them....

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